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About George and Judy

                    1960 brings wedding bells                                                                 2015 is 55 years together

UPDATE:  On August 19, 2021, Judy entered the presence of her Lord after a valiant eight year battle with a rare progressive neurological disease.  George had the privilege of caring for Judy all eight years making it possible for her to remain in their home during the duration of the illness. 
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George and Judy met as teens in Stockton, California.  George, a native to California and Judy of Oklahoma, lived only two blocks apart and yet would not meet for several years.

A movie buff, George had gone to see A Man Called Peter the story of  Scottish-American preacher Peter Marshall.  A mill worker, Peter's life was spared  one foggy night in his native Scotland from a fall off a cliff.  There prostrate on the precipice edge, he lifted his head and thanked God for sparing his life. George was awestruck that a person could talk to God.  At age 17, he found his way  the next Sunday  to a neighborhood church where he too found that God listened to his plea. That day he experienced Christ's love and forgiveness. Two weeks later, a guest of friends, Judy also came to Christ.

As newly appointed youth leader weeks later, George looked up one evening to make eye contact with a quiet, demure young woman.  He experienced attraction at first sight...finding later she, too, had experienced the same feeling.  After three years of training at Bible College, George returned to his home town.   He and Judy had corresponded  almost every day for three years.  He began a pastoral internship in the local church and he and Judy would often go for rides, talking about future goals and eventually about marriage. A year later, they were united in marriage and began their life journey together.   Traveling to Oregon, Judy attended a year of Bible College and they co-pastored, with one of George's classmates,  a young congregation.  Here they also began a family with the birth of their first son.

Marriage was a learning and growing experience for this new couple as they ventured into life together! The years have passed quickly.  Now married 61 years, George and Judy have three grown children, each of whom is married,  giving to Nana and Papa eight grandchildren and one great-grandson.   George finished a 21-year career in public education in 2003 after working the previous 24 years as a minister of education and counseling in various churches.

Committed to people, their years of training and experience have taught them that the most important things in life are knowing God and serving Him and others.  For all this, they give praise to a loving and faithful God who heard their plea as teens and forgave their rebellion toward Him.