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Tour Testimonials


Portland, OR

We've made two extensive tours in countries around the world. Yoni, as guide, was better by far than any of the others. And there is no comparison cost-wise for this tour. On the other tours there were hidden and added costs that made the trip much more expensive. The value of this tour to Israel is far better than we've seen anywhere.

We really had no expectations..though we thought we would go there and find places we could identify when we opened the Bible...AND THAT WE DID! There were so many neat experiences like getting our feet wet in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, floating in the Dead Sea, riding camels and so much more.

We found the overall experience very enlightening. The tour pre-training sessions were invaluable and we appreciated the tour hosts answering questions and taking care of needs as they arose.

Most of all, we found biblical knowledge beyond what any ordinary tour would give was scholarly, theological and passionately presented teaching from the Scriptures...whether we were in Beersheba, the Negev desert, Masada, Jerusalem or the Galilee. Yoni knew where the people lived and walked, and he taught in such neat places as the steps to the southern wall of the old city...the Jordan River...the Sea of Galilee...Nazareth, and we even ate a fish dinner much like Jesus and his disciples would have eaten.

If you have EVER had a desire to go to Israel, we would recommend THIS TOUR...not just any tour!

Oregon City, OR

When the Jewish people formed the modern state of Israel, in the year I (Harry) was born, they had defied all the rules of history.  That event and the following successes in the wars of 1948, 1967 and 1973 against great odds, showed the hand of God was still on His people. I have always had a great respect for the Jews, and as Christian believers, both Barbara and I had desired to visit the Holy Land. 

When we decided to join this tour, we had no idea what to expect, but we went with open minds, desiring not only to walk in Jesus' footsteps, but also to learn about today's Jewish culture.

What an experience it was to walk up the steps into the temple mount, to view the ritual baths, and to know these were the actual places where the people of Jesus' day visited and walked.

Yoni, our guide, was a walking encyclopedia.  His great passion for the subject of ancient and modern Israel far surpassed that of Ph.D.'s we studied under in college.  As a Christian believer, Yoni has a calling of God which makes him more than 'just' a tour guide.

The tour was a great deal!  When you consider the number of days and that everything was included...we looked at other tours that cost more and were less comprehensive.  People have asked Barbara if she felt safe while in the Middle East.  "I felt very safe".  As a retired Portland police officer, I agreed with her. 

"Barbara loved the Bible stories Yoni told.  I think what I appreciated most about them was their application...for example, how the story of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment was, in fact, touching the Jewish tassels."  Traveling the countryside and seeing the lay-of-the-land totally changed the way we look at Scripture.

On our last night of the tour in the Galilee overlooking the sea, we said to each other, "We really don't want to go home...we just want to keep going...there is so much to see and experience."